Monday, September 30, 2013

The Special-ness of Jesus

The last couple of weeks I have been preaching on the uniqueness of Jesus and why we he deserves our honor and worship as God-in-flesh.  I have to confess that this is something I do with more than a little fear and trembling because I don't want to A.  put down any other religions  or B. appear arrogant in lifting up Jesus, as I feel other pastors and Christians have been.

I don't think that lifting up Jesus means being like a school-yard bully "Ha, ha my God is better than your God!"   Yet at the same time, I deeply believe that Jesus coming to earth is a singular event in history and I want to witness to how much Jesus means to me and how he is worthy of glory and praise.  How to do both at the same time?   It is a question I have approached with a lot of thought.  I hope that my sermons and our worship of the last couple of weeks and in the weeks to come will help us to strike the right balance as a faith community.

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