Thursday, January 9, 2014

Welcome Pastor Joseph

Had a lovely morning coffee with Pastor Joseph May, pastor at the Light of the Lakes Church in Arnolds Park.  He is a caring and articulate man of faith, it was a delight to chat with him.  I hope everyone at Calvary will join me in praying for him and his beautiful family.   May God bless them with a long and fruitful ministry at LOTL!

Way too often, Christian churches are territorial about ministry - especially churches in the same town.  While we all preach and serve Christ, our styles and emphases are different and we are going to reach different people for Jesus.  Its not about us, promoting ourselves - its about Jesus and helping those who don't know Jesus' love.  There are plenty of unchurched/ de-churched persons in the Arnolds Park area for our churches to serve!   So lets pray for and support each other without fear or condemnation.  Lets only speak well of each other and hope the best for each other.  We are one body in Christ - when one succeeds we all rejoice and when one hurts we all hurt.  Lets pray for Pastor Joseph's leadership success that we may all rejoice God has blessed this community with healthy churches doing powerful ministry in Jesus' name.

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