Sunday, February 16, 2014

*hack*Hack*hack* Thanks!

Urgh,  Isaac, Catherine, and I have each come down with pneumonia -- we'll see if Sampson remains unscathed.   I hate being sick on the weekend and missing worship.  Especially the being sick rather than on vacation somewhere part.  It also puts extra pressure on church members to come up with something for worship and I am so thankful that we have such great leaders at Calvary that just pitched in and took over with very little notice.
Thank you secretary Lynne & SPRC Chair Rick who connived that their pastor was not going to make it no matter what she thought and got all the pieces put together -- you take good care of me!
Thank you Betty  who pulled off a total Saturday Night Worship service on her own -- you rock!
Thank you Cheryl for taking over the Sunday Morning worship even though she had company on Saturday night -- you are awesome!  
Thank you Sue for pitching in on music.   and Thank you to everyone else who came and focused on God and worshipping together, worship isn't about the leader but the community of faith.
Thanks for your prayers of healing and your support!

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