Friday, March 7, 2014

Lenten Season

Lent is one of two preparation seasons of the Christian year.   Preparation of our spirits to connect deeply with what God has done and is doing.  Preparation by mulling over the past to get rid of the excess baggage and clear the way for light and life that God brings.  Lent is preparing us for Easter - the resurrection of Christ that gives us life now and forever.   By spending time preparing our hearts, minds and spirits during Lent we make room for Easter joy & peace.

The other season of preparation is Advent - the 4 weeks before Christmas which as we all know have become full to the brim with so many activities and to do lists that very little of our time becomes about preparation of our hearts and spirits.  So Lent has become so much more important.  Its the spring cleaning of our being.  It is the season of mucking out so that newness can come in.

There are many ways to prepare during Lent.  I enjoyed this article on On Being.

The Induced Meandering of the Lenten Season

Of course we have opportunities at Calvary for your Lenten journey.  Bible Study on Monday Nights at 7:30 PM is one opportunity.

Happy Lent!

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