Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day weekend everyone!
I hope all the mothers have time for rest, relaxation and reflection this weekend.
Being a mother, whether by birth or adoption, is a special gift.  Some people don't understand the "realness" of the connection you have with a child through adoption.    I've people say hurtful things like, "well, they are trying to have a child of their own before thinking of adoption."

 Each of my kids is my own and  I really do love each of my kids with equal fierceness and depth.
The connection I feel for them, and they feel for me, is intimate and precious.    My relationship with my stepson is also very real, and deep and precious as well.   Loving a child is a gift that doesn't just come from giving birth or being a father.  It is a gift to be an uncle, an aunt, a close friend and a mentor.
So honor those relationship, as complicated or messy as they may be.  Every relationship is a gift from God.

Here is a great article on image of God as a mother -- good read for Mothers Day!

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