Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Race Card Project

click here to go to NPR story 

I discovered this regular feature listening to NPR.  They invited people to write their take on race in just a few words.  Marc Quarrels of Northern California wrote:

With kids I'm Dad, alone thug

His story is a powerful reminder of how we judge each other by what we see on the outside.  He is black and wears dreadlocks and when he is by himself people judge him, fear him, suspect him.  When his family is around, his kids and his wife, the neighbors treat him differently.  He's just another dad and people chat in the yard etc.   By himself he is treated one way, with his family (his wife is German) he is treated another.  He is the same man.  Kind, caring, a hospital worker who loves to care for people.  A man who loves his family, his community and his work.

I really learned a lot listening to Marc's experiences in life.  I encourage you to listen too.  Click on the heading above to go to the website and listen.

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