Thursday, October 8, 2015

Supporting Aaron

Aaron Jones, owner of Remax in Spirit Lake, purchased the old building this past spring.  It was such a blessing to have that building purchased so we could move forward on our journey.

Remember how our journey began:  in 2007 the Trustees did a survey of the building to find out what needed to be done just to fix it up.  The list was long and expensive:  Asbestos, tuck pointing, new flooring in the basement, new siding, electrical work, insulation over the whole building, finding and fixing the water leakage etc.

$200,000 was the total estimate.

And there was a huge risk that the water issue would increase that amount exponentially.

And that would do nothing to make the building handicapped accessible, more kid/family friendly, or give us more space for storage and programs and offices.

This led us on the path that we are on now to a place where Calvary can grow and serve all people.  So selling the building to someone who saw potential in it, would fix it up and use it (and not as a bar) was a HUGE blessing to the congregation.

Please pray for him, bless his work and support him in the community.  People need to understand that what he is doing to the building is saving it for the future.  Aaron could have bulldozed it, but he is instead preserving it for the future.  Thanks Aaron!

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