Thursday, January 14, 2016

Looking good 2016

Last night was our yearly organizational meeting of our church.
I'm always excited for this meeting.  I love seeing all the leaders of the church gathered together, enjoying each other and getting ready to do God's work.  You inspire me.

Last night we had many reasons to celebrate where God is leading us in 2016.
First, we received word that Calvary is the Spring 2016 Builder's Call for the Methodists of Iowa!!  YAY!!!   This means our story will be shared across Iowa and Methodists will be encouraged to support our building project with a love offering.

Second, with the Builder's Call and a special gift given to our building project by one of our newest members,  we have raised $900,000 of our $1.2 million project.  This is AWESOME!!!!     Look at what we can do through God's Holy Spirit leading us!!!  Remember at one point we were going to limit our building budget to $800,000 because thats what we though we could raise - and now look how we blew past that!  WOW,  God is good and I am so proud of this congregation.

Third, we remembered last night how this building is not the end of the journey, but the beginning of a new journey of being able to do so much more ministry because we have a better tool.   The real focus of the church is not the building itself, but the people of our community and how we can minister to them.  As we look to 2016 we are on the down-hill of focusing on the details of building a building and the uphill of new missions and ministries that will utilize this space.  So, Christian education, missions and outreach ministry groups are critical at this moment!  We need to get ready and let God lead us in amazing new programs.

So it was an exciting and great night last night!  If you missed it, we will be sending you a packet of info that everyone received and dates of upcoming meetings.

As always, continue to pray for the leaders of Calvary that we might serve God and God's people.

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