Monday, October 10, 2016


Wow.  Its hard to believe that the new church is now built, dedicated and a regular part of our everyday lives.  I keep saying it over and over -- WOW.

I'm so grateful to each and every person who gave their time, talents, gifts and service to see this building built.  It truly was all of us together, led and guided by God.   Every minute given, every penny given, has been a blessing.  We could not do it without everyone -- thank you!

Thank you to all of our contractors.  They are used to having one person, or a couple, to answer to and here were 200 owners trying to tell them what to do -- I am grateful for their patience in putting up with us!!

I am so grateful to my family, especially my children, who have borne the cost of this project by giving up time with their mother.   I am sorry for every concert and game missed, bedtime and homework time done on your own because of meetings - Thank you my darlings for understanding and forgiving me.  And I am grateful to have a special friend who helped me laugh and relax these past 6 months - thank you for supporting me and walking with me on this last leg of the journey.

8 years this building has been the focus of our lives, not the only thing we have done, but the main thing we have talked about and worked towards.  The dedication service was so wonderful, and yet so surreal to me.  All this time boiled down to this celebration.  It felt like a wedding and Christmas in one.  I am so grateful to everyone who pitched in to help make it an extra-special day.  Bishop Haller did such a wonderful job and I know that we will often think about wading in the water when we think of where God is leading us next -- thank you Bishop!

And now its all done and over.  We have celebrated and opened the presents and even cleaned up the wrapping paper.  It feels to me a lot like the week after Christmas.  Or the week after the honeymoon.   The focused planning is all done, the celebration over and now we just live with each other.  Now we figure out how to be together in this new space.  Let us enjoy our new normal, rest a bit.   Then lets turn our eyes to where God is leading us and again stick our toes in the water.

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