Friday, September 22, 2017

Love & Faith

Wow, its been a long time since I wrote a blog!!   Sorry about that!

It has been an fascinating summer and now that Fall is officially here, there's a certain letting go and moving forward with the change of seasons -- although it doesn't feel very autumn-like today.

The sermon this weekend is on Staying in Love with God.  It has been hard for me to think about staying love with God without reflecting a lot on my own love life.  For when we think about staying in love, its most often our romantic relationships not God that we think about.

So for those of you who may not know, I was dating a nice guy for about a year and a half but then I broke up with him in July.  I broke up with him because I loved him very much, but I also knew that he didn't love me.  And I realized that, although I kept trying to be patient and wait, his feeling for me weren't growing.   So it was time to move on.  It was a really, really hard decision, especially because I had assumed for some time that this relationship was leading to marriage and I had grown a deep bond with his children.  In some ways this summer was hard, but it was also good because I spent time in August meeting new people.  The pain of letting go is necessary in order to embrace a new beginning.

What makes us fall in love?  Its a question that I wish I could answer in a book to sell millions of copies : )    Attraction is great, connection necessary, communication essential, common interests and values very helpful.  But yet, human hearts don't follow recipes that if you just mix up the right combinations then *poof*an apple pie of love.  I wish it were that easy - if it were then eharmony and would have 100% success rates.   But they don't because there is so much of our human hearts that is impossible to define, categorize and label.   Our childhood relationships, our deepest fears and desires, our struggle between who we think we are and who we think we want to be all factor into how we see our partner and whether we feel love or not.

Faith reminds us that although we may not find the perfect person for romantic love, we are loved and lovable.  That we may not be loved by the particular person we want, in the way we want (looking at you Brad Pitt)  But we are perfectly loved but the Creator of the Universe.  And we do not have to settle for mediocre relationships, or lukewarm love.  God created humans for deep love that is passionate,  enduring, accepting all the shadows parts of us with gentle care.

If you have found that kind of love, then I am so happy for you.  Stay in love, and nurture it for it is so very precious.    Relationships have lots of ups and downs.  You will not always feel loving toward your lover, but it is worth the work to grow that relationship.  Here's a basic article on staying in love

 If you are still searching like me, then blessings to you on the journey.  It is a difficult road but it is worth the effort.  And in the meantime, have fun, love yourself and feel the love of God sustain you.  If you need encouragement give me a call!!

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