Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Symbols of Jesus Vote

Chi Rho - Christ Reigns, After Emperor Constantine's wife encouraged him to turn to Jesus, he had a dream when Jesus told him to put this symbol on the shields of his soldiers and he would win the battle.  They did, and they won the war and Constantine then made Christianity an official religion of Rome.  The symbol was very popular, being on Roman coins and on rings that people would wear.  Christ Reigns over us, He is above all earthly powers, greater than any country or president or king.  

The Lion and the Lamb -- When Isaac was blessing his 12 sons he gave a prophesy that a descendant from his son Judah would be a lion to rule over Israel.  From then on, the Lion of Judah was a term for the Messiah to come.  In Revelation, the voice of God says "here is the Lion" and the people look and it is the Lamb - God who died for us as a sacrifice for our sin.  Jesus is the Lion, but also the Lamb who came to die for us giving himself willingly.

The Anchor -- Anchor's hold the boat with enough line (enough grace) to move but solidly connected to the sea floor below - where there is peace, calm and firm.  Jesus is our Anchor, tying us with grace to the peace, calm and solid rock of God's love for us.  

Which of these Three speaks to you the most and why?  

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