Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Two more Weekends!

Its really amazing how fast the past month has gone, and now we only have 2 more weekends before we are officially out of this building!
Its really scary and exciting at the same time.
In some ways I can't wait to not have to walk up the steps and not have this cramped little office with too much stuff and too many people needing to do work.  Yet its also a huge safety net - the place where everything goes and we can always meet there at the office.
What will I do without all my stuff?
Of course I will have plenty of stuff.  Just moved to the new office space (in the Iowa Rock and Roll Museum in the East Oaks Mall by the Lighthouse)  and my books will move to my house.
It is hard to say goodbye.
And we grow in new directions when we move forward with God.

God bless us all in these next few weeks.

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