Monday, July 11, 2016

New Sermon Series: Summer of Love

"All you need is Love" -- The Beatles

Summer 2016 is going down as a summer of bombings, shootings, racism, terrorism and a whole lot of social media fighting.   What is Jesus' answer to all of these problems? 

It may sound naive, simplistic and maybe downright dumb yet the answer Jesus gave us over and over was this:  Love one another.

How can we as individuals and as a church in Arnolds Park, Iowa help change the world?  By striving to love one another all the more.  So this summer lets talk about love.  Platonic love, Agape/Godly love, Philo/brotherly love and yes romantic love as well.  We'll go to all parts of the Bible and talk about many aspects of love and how we can act more loving. And in loving we change the world.

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