Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Pastor's Bookshelf

So, here's my confession today: My bookshelf is a wasteland of unread books.    I love books, fiction or non-fiction, science, biography, novels and I really love self-help.  Every book is a good book to me.   In my love for them I tend to buy great books with excitement and anticipation over curling up and absorbing all its wisdom some quiet evening (preferably beside the fireplace with a cat on my lap).   Then reality hits and I read maybe a page or a chapter and then put them on my bookshelf too busy to finish.   If I really want to finish a book I encourage the church bookclub to read it, or do a Bible Study or sermon series about it so I HAVE to read the whole thing.

What is getting in my way of good reading?  Sadly, surfing the internet or watching British comedies on  ("Rev" is hilarious!).  Yep, nothing uplifting or filling in the least -- well, ok laughter is necessary too people, but. . . .   

So, this year I endeavor to break a bad habit and start a good one by challenging myself to turn off the computer in the evenings and read one book a week, start to finish.    I went through the house and my office bookshelves picking off all the lost, lonely, unloved books that have not had the attention they deserved.  They are a motley lot and they fill the top of my bureau in my bedroom where I intend to read them in my side chair, dog at feet, cat on lap or on bed.   To hold myself accountable in the good, Methodist tradition, I will blog about the book I read each week.  Hopefully someone out there will notice if I haven't been posting and casually ask me what's been so interesting on Hulu that I can't read  :)

Thats the plan!

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