Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

I am very sorry for not posting in a couple of weeks -- Advent and Christmas got me chasing my own tail!   No, I didn't get everything done, as usual, I left some things to the last minute :(  but we did have wonderful worship services, and I got in some quick hugs to all the shut ins.

HUGE thanks to everyone who sang or played music this Christmas time - you made worship so meaningful!  Thanks to everyone who helped at the Christmas Day dinner.  Despite the frigid cold we had 195 people eat with us - many for the first time!  Thanks to Russ Mitchell for the wonderful article in the Dickinson County News - you are always so supportive and a great writer!

Thanks to everyone who blessed me and my family with tokens of love this Christmas, I was completely overwhelmed by your generosity and caring!  You are all a blessing to me and to my family.  I mentioned to the kids at one of our meals that I hope we don't have too many more Christmases on the Highway (meaning that we would move to another location in the area when the church/parsonage sell)  and they got all upset at the idea of leaving the Great Lakes area.  I quickly explained what I meant and they were relieved -- they love it here and so do I!

Christmas and holidays aren't always merry and bright.  For many, there has been grief and sorrow this Christmas.  I want you to know that those losses have been close to my heart this Christmas as well and I have prayed and thought a lot about you who are grieving.  Its ok to have a yucky Christmas -- its ok to use stronger language than "yucky" to describe your Christmas!  Not every year is lovely and magical.  Some years we just get through.  Yet God is with us in whatever kind of Christmas we have!

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