Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Matthew Chapter 1

My family started reading Matthew for Lent last night.
While dinner was finishing cooking we sat down at the table and took turns reading the first chapter.  Lots of funny names in Jesus' family tree that we struggled through.
We wondered - are our names as funny to others as those are to us?  Why care about who is in Jesus' family tree?  Why weren't many girls listed?  
We recognized some names like David (no mention of Goliath).
We talked about how some of the names remind us of good stories like David beating Goliath.  But other names like Uriah's wife (Bathsheba) reminds us that people in Jesus' family made mistakes too.  We have people in our family that we aren't always happy with but they are still a part of the family.  Jesus came from an imperfect family and makes us a part of his family, which is good cause we are imperfect too.

When is your daily Bible reading time?  in the morning, afternoon or evening?  
Do you have a special place to read?
What did you wonder about or learn from Matthew this week?
Keep plugging into God!

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